About us

Who we are and why your feedback is important to us.

Our team focuses on all aspects of employee feedback and the digitization of HR processes. As all of us experienced and strongly believe in the power of feedback, we support our clients in change projects, digital transformation, cultural change and the establishment of an agile corporate culture. In doing so, we draw on extensive experience in the development of digital business models and always have the focus on what drives the success of your company: your employees.

The team behind Loopline

Loopline is a Berlin-based company which was founded in 2014 by Nora Heer and Christian Kaller. The management team met at Project A on joint projects, where they have been involved in the creation of many startups. With the goal of pushing the digitization of human resources departments forward, the current loopies, as we call ourselves, have their origins in 8 different nations worldwide. We work ambitiously, analytically and cosmopolitan in our office in the heart of Berlin to revolutionize employee feedback.

The management team

Nora Heer

Founder & Managing Director 

Combining 10 years of experience in building tech startups, developing leading companies and being the head of human resources at Project A, Nora understands the challenges of implementing a world-class HR tool all too well. Nora's leitmotiv is to anchor feedback as an essential element of corporate strategies to turn hyped topics such as new work, digitization and agile management into reality.

Christian Kaller

Founder & Managing Director

After several years of international experience in setting up and managing startups in the mobile and e-commerce field at Project A, he decided to set up his own startup with Nora. With his background in business consulting and marketing strategy, Christian is focused on aligning the product and team with our strategic vision and keeping it on a growth path.

Feedback as lived company culture

Feedback culture is not an empty phrase for us - it is a significant part of our daily interaction. In addition to regular feedback trainings, we use our own tools to constantly improve and optimize our own work.

360° feedbacks

are on average created by every loopie each year.


from Loopline as an employer, say our employees.


is archieved by continuously giving our employees a voice.

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We are convinced, that there is no personal development without feedback

We use design sprints to find the best solutions for our clients

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Regularly retrospectives

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