Giving and receiving feedback is not rocket science, but some aspects need to be considered to make feedback acceptable and effective. What is the best way to give constructive feedback? Is giving constructive feedback also a question of the right mindset? Which rules need to be considered so that feedback is the starting point of individual development? Our workshops offer the environment for participants to learn how to make feedback effective.


  • Short presentations and inputs
  • Handouts
  • Exercises
  • Self-reflection and individual work
  • Intergroup development and discussions
  • Group-coaching and cooperative counselling
  • Participants develop action plans and transfer-agreements


Number of participants

The ideal amount of participants per training is 10.


Our trainers are certified and have the methodical skills for designing effective workshops and trainings. Long-time experience in successfully moderating group processes is a basic requirement for all of our trainers. All trainings are evaluated with feedback from participants.


Our trainings are location-independent. The only prerequisite is an appropriate training infrastructure.


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