Performance Management



Using our tools is easy and the technical implementation can be done swiftly and smoothly. In order to guarantee that our tools integrate well in your company environment, many decisions need to be made, as there is always a need to change things-- especially for HR departments. Our experienced consultants are here to support you, not to forget the important aspects unique to your company.

Typical questions that arise in the course of the implementation of HR tools:

  • Who needs to be informed and when, so that the tool is accepted positively?
  • Are trainings or workshops planned? How are they set up and designed? Who needs to be trained?
  • Do we work with or plan to work with competency models?
  • How can we establish these competency models so that our company values are supported accordingly and fit our culture?
  • What kind of questionnaires are needed and what should they look like?
  • If we use performance scales, what should they look like?
  • If there is a works council in your company: How do we incorporate the works council? What is the best way to shape negotiations and formulate a bargaining agreement?



Our consultants are very experienced in implementing our tools. They know what needs to be done so the tools are implemented quickly and smoothly, and are well received by users. Our consultants have long-standing experience in leading HR roles. They possess approved expertise and understand the different challenges of change processes.


Consultancy can take place on your premises or in our offices.


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