Continuously improve with agile employee feedback & OKRs

Loop Now is the smart cloud solution for continuous, automated employee surveys and 360 degree feedback and OKR management. 


Flexible employee surveys



About engagement, strategy, events, ...



Ask anyone
about anyone.



Ask team-members about their managers.



Ask managers about their team-members.



About departments, projects, regions, …

Profound expertise

Get started with a proven library of questions

With our solution comes a science-based catalogue of questions covering survey topics such as onboarding, leadership style and employee satisfaction. Or you create your own library, tailored to your organization. The choice is yours.

Feedback with just one click

Fast results

Easily collect answers with only one click and immediately see results. The opinion of all employees is valuable: Therefore, questions can be answered both on the desktop, as well as on mobile devices.

Innovative OKR Management



Objectives & Key Results for Teams and employees

Freely definable 

Objectives & Key Results

  • Put feedback in action with our OKR module
  • OKRs can be freely labeled and assigned on various levels company, team or individual
  • Freely definable update cycles allow objective owners to automatically update their progress easily on their phone or computer
  • Visibility of objectives can also be freely defined – make it public or select it to specific teams or people

hassle free

Keep your OKRs up to date 

  • Our feedback technology automates updating your OKRs – set your own progress cycles
  • E.g.: Every Friday, the system asks you to update your key results. By flipping through our progress cards – no login needed, wherever you are
  • This will keep your OKR progress up to date, with minimal hassle for contributors.


Honest answers

For meaningful answers, give employees the opportunity to answer surveys anonymously. The ability to answer questions anonymously can considerably boost participation and the authenticity of responses.


Real insights
In real-time

Loop Now's intelligent analytics feature delivers the insights you need to drive your organization forward. With continuous employee feedback you can easily analyze the development of KPIs over time, derive an action plan and monitor effectiveness.

Qualitative insights

Better understanding

Optionally, respondents may comment on their response to better explain it. This helps to better understand the thoughts and ideas of employees. You can also capture innovation ideas from all employees and retain top talents.

More features

Real-Time Analytics

Dashboards for your business and peers with flexible analysis capabilities.


Transparent or anonymous surveys?
You decide!


Loop Now supports over 30 languages.

Mobile friendly

Answer questions everywhere with just one tap on your smartphone.

Fully automated

Loop Now sends reminders and generates reports for you.

GDPR compliant

Loop Now complies with the strict EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Power your team with Loop Now

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