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Loop Now in the Home Office

Agile & Efficient

Book an appointment and we get you ready to go in 30 minutes


A challenge

  1. Less personal contact makes the "gut feeling" for employees more difficult to develop
  2. The control and coordination of teams requires new, digital measures 
  3. An ear to the feelings of the team and solutions for continuous improvement are more important than ever


Even at a distance

Optimize coordination within the team

  1. Continuous feedback for teams - quickly set up and automated
  2. Simple, mobile answering
  3. Best practice questionnaires for home office on board 

 Agile management of objectives

OKR platform for teams

  1. Simply define goals - for teams, individually or the entire company 
  2. Track progress via our intuitive "progress cards" technology 
  3. Full flexibility in visibility, easy to use

More features

Real-Time Analytics​​​​​​

Dashboards for your business and peers with flexible analysis capabilities.


Transparent or anonymous surveys?
You decide!


Loop Now supports over 30 languages.

Mobile friendly

Answer questions everywhere with just one tap on your smartphone.

Fully automated

Loop Now sends reminders and generates reports for you.

GDPR compliant

Loop Now complies with the strict EU General Data Protection Regulation.

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