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SanLucar's Quality Feedback

Approx. 2800 Employees 

Approx. 2800 Employees 

8 Locations

8 Locations

Fruit- and vegetable industry

Fruit- and vegetable industry

€400 mio. Revenue

€400 mio. Revenue

Premium-Brand SanLucar

SanLucar operates in the fruit and vegetable sector and does not only sell products, but also produces them. It sells more than 90 types of fruit and vegetables from around 35 countries worldwide. With SanLucar’s premium brand, the company has revolutionized the fruit and vegetable industry.

SanLucars success is based on five company values:

  1. Partnership
  2. Innovation Spirit
  3. Performance Orientation
  4. Drive for Learning
  5. Commitment

Struggle with a self-built tool

At SanLucar feedback meetings play a major part in communicating the most important topics for the current business year. First, SanLucar has introduced an internal self-built tool but ran across various problems when using it: 

  • questionnaires were not standardized because they were changed regularly
  • managers had difficulties to conduct feedback meetings on time
  • after feedback meetings, some employees were not sure about what they were expected to do in the upcoming business year
  • HR workload was really high


Performance Management structured by loopline

Around three years ago, SanLucar implemented loopline and restructured its performance management. Now, with loopline, managers and employees create individual goals for each business year together. Also, managers are offered an opportunity to integrate strategic goals. This is important because at SanLucar performance is linked to a compensation system.

Since the implementation of loopline, SanLucar’s employees started to give and receive feedback in a more open way. Having this “direct feedback” feature helped employees in their development plan, and now they do not have to wait for their feedback meetings anymore. This is especially important for “Millenials” who make 30% of SanLucar’s employees.

One advantage of using loopline is that SanLucar can create feedback forms in a flexible way to ask different types of questions. Another advantage is that the results of a meeting can be digitally saved. Finally, having loopline allowed to help employees in their development and training plans.

The combination of loopline, feedback workshops and campaigns helped us to encourage a feedback culture in our company.

Stefanie Müller

People's Development Responsible at SanLucar

Loop Now gives employees a voice

SanLucar’s employees are involved in many aspects of the company, that’s why SanLucar regularly asks for feedback:

  • employees give feedback about their managers (Bottom-up feedback)
  • supervisors evaluate the internship program
  • employees give feedback about company events e.g. corporate summer event
  • SanLucar checks the overall working atmosphere in the company (Pulse Check).

SanLucar wants to offer its employees a software tool that is easy and fun to use, and that can quickly evaluate the data. With Loop Now, the employees can easily answer questions. SanLucar is a quality- and service-oriented company, not only externally, but also internally towards its employees. The employees particularly like the simplicity of answering questions and the appealing design of the tool. 

"I don’t know any other tool that is visually so beautifully designed as Loop Now. All types of surveys are included, which makes it very easy to get started," explains Stefanie Müller.

Loop Now is a tool that is easy to use and at the same time has high-quality data available: Data that helps us to improve and to get the maximum of all situations.

Stefanie Müller,

People's Development Responsible at SanLucar

Real Teamwork

“When talking about cooperation, it is often just empty words, but with the team of Loopline Systems, I had the feeling to really work together to find solutions to our problems,” says Stefanie Müller.

She adds: "Loopline Systems addressed our problems as if they were theirs, they provided solutions customized to our needs and I always had a feeling of great support. It's actually as if we were working in the same company. I would recommend Loopline Systems to anyone because it's not only fun to work with, but it also brings results."

Improvement on an organizational level

After SanLucar has implemented loopline, it became more clear for the employees what is expected from them. In case they are not sure, they can easily check it in the tool.

"The feedback process allows continuous, bilateral feedback. In addition, the feedback process can now be analyzed and continuously documented. That makes it easy to create new objectives every year," adds Silvia Beltrá, Compensations & Benefits Manager.

Thanks to combined effort, the performance of SanLucar’s employees has improved. Additionally, loopline reduced the administrative work for the HR department.


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