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We at Loopline Systems love to make our customers happy. This applies to all aspects of our business - from product development to customer service. In everything we do we strive to create sustainable value. Do you want to solve relevant problems for modern organisations and have a lasting impact on a growing business? Do you want to work with the latest technologies and a motivated team? If so, then Loopline Systems is the right company for you!Become part of our international team based in exciting Berlin - where you will work in an inspiring environment with a strong focus on personal development and open communication. We look forward to meeting you!

Working at Loopline Systems means responsibility from day one, diverse tasks, spontaneous laughter and a steep learning curve. Every team member can contribute to our success story, think outside the box and help out with great ideas in other teams.


HR Manager

The IT team is responsible for building loopline’s core product, we also ensure that loopline’s IT environments run smoothly. To achieve this, we rely on state-of-the-art technology and place great importance on data security and performance.



Customer success and performance marketing are responsible for fueling the sales team's pipeline with the right prospects. Also we help our customers to ensure long-term success using loopline. Together we frame the entire customer journey.


Head of Customer Success

The frontend team is responsible for creating the core application and our company website. We transform UI/UX designs into the actual live part of the application. Our greatest reward is the direct impact on our users’ everyday experience.


Frontend Developer

Our inbound team likes to stay ahead of the trends and learnings about leadership. We set up a content strategy on all social media channels, build curated landing pages and mailings, and try to engage as much. Our aim is to collect leads for our sales team and get loopline out there!


Head of Inboud Marketing

The product team drives the product from conception to launch. Our team spends a great deal of time understanding our customers’ needs and closely collaborating with designers and developers to come up with the best ideas and solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.


Product Manager

In the sales team we accompany Loopline Systems’ customers throughout the entire acquisition process all the way from the initial inquiry to becoming happy users. We are very enthusiastic about bringing digital innovation to businesses of any size and industry.


HR Solutions Consultant

Infinite opportunities

Development potential


We’re growing - and so are the opportunities for you to grow with us! From intern to team leader, it’s possible to be anything at Loopline Systems.

Further education


We believe in continuous development - and actively support our employees through two paid and two internal training days a year.



We believe in personal responsibility - from day one. Whether you’re a trainee or experienced developer at Loopline, everyone is responsible for their own projects.

International flair and diversity


We have colleagues from 10 different countries and get to experience how enriching it is to work with people from different cultures every day.

Team spirit


"A laugh a day" - one of our core values, which we support with team lunches and team events. When co-workers become friends it’s a sign that we must be doing something right!

Living & Working in Berlin


Our office is located in the middle of Berlin. Lots of lunch possibilities nearby and very good connection to public transport.

Our Values

#1 Be Owlsome

  1. Treat fellow Loopies with respect.
  2. Communication is great. Coffee culture encouraged!
  3. Zero tolerance for bullying & gossiping.
  4. Join us & you will know what it means.

Our Values

#2 Laugh with others and about yourself

We like to be happy. We like to joke around. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and admire people who know how to laugh about themselves.

Our Values

#3 Give and live feedback

  1. Strive to know & develop yourself.
  2. Help others finding their blind spots.

Our Values

#4 Celebrate ambition and don’t settle for mediocre

  1. Mistakes happen. And that’s okay if you learn from them.
  2. You know that feeling that something is not right yet? It probably isn’t then. That’s when you should ask others for input.

Our Values

#5 Own our success

  1. We are all in this together.
  2. Take responsibility – If something needs to get done, get it done! (Even if you are not the owner).

Our Values

#6 Measure, proof & adjust

  1. Data over opinion

Our Values

#7 Deliver wow to our customers

  1. We go the extra mile to delight our customers.
  2. Customer feedback is our most important compass.

Our Values

#8 Share knowledge & keep learning

  1. Knowledge grows when it is shared.
  2. Even if it takes some time, in the long run we all benefit from you learning more.

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