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360° Feedback

The extent of 360° feedback and how your company can benefit from it

With 360° feedback, employees not only receive feedback from their managers, but also from colleagues and other project and team members. This gives them constructive feedback from multiple perspectives.

The intelligent cloud solution LoopNow supports 360° feedback through continuous automated surveys. Find out more about the promising method for employee surveys with LoopNow here - and test LoopNow for 14 days free of charge:).

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What is 360° feedback?

As a method of personnel development, 360° feedback ensures that managers and employees get a complete picture of their competencies and improvement potential from different perspectives. This type of feedback includes their direct superiors, but also colleagues, team members and project partners.

People who can be involved in 360° feedback:

  • Executive / Manager
  • Work colleagues
  • Colleagues
  • Customers or external stakeholders
  • Self-assessment of the employee
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Why is 360° feedback so efficient?

360° feedback stands out particularly because of the different perspectives it includes. The assessment of the individual is a combination of self and external assessment. This avoids subjective feedback from direct superiors. These different perspectives on an employees' competencies provide a great roadmap for development potential.

Self-assessment of a 360° feedback questionnaire may include, for example, questions such as:

  • What would you list as your recent successes and failures?
  • How do you see yourself interacting with your managers and work colleagues?
  • Where do you see your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What support would you like in order to be able to exploit your potential even better?

The results of the self-assessment questionnaire are then compared with those of the external assessment.

The result is a comprehensive assessment of the employees' competencies that is independent of subjective opinions.

The tool for your 360° employee feedback: LoopNow

The numerous advantages of objective 360° feedback and the positive impact on employee development in companies cannot be denied. That is why Loopline Systems offers you the cloud-based solution LoopNow as a supporting tool for effective employee surveys.

LoopNow allows an automated, continuous survey and full flexibility in the definition of the recipient groups. Each feedback recipient has a personal profile with holistic information on the development of the feedback dimensions…

over time, a strengths profile, and an automatic variance analysis of self-, manager-, and peer-assessment. The 360-degree feedback can be moderated by a person from the area of human resource management, or the feedback recipient himself receives full control over his 360-degree feedback through the flexible visibility settings. In this way, everyone - employees and managers - takes their own development into their own hands.

Would you like to optimize the feedback culture in your company? Loopline Solutions offers you LoopNow for a 14-day free trial!

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New processes, new challenges! Optimize feedback culture with 360° feedback & LoopNow

Companies are constantly evolving. Internal processes must therefore also be adapted to growth or new structures so that employees in your company are prepared for new challenges.

You should take a critical look at the following structures …

How often do employee appraisals take place in your company? How long do they last? 
The method of a detailed employee survey once a year is outdated. 360-degree surveys with LoopNow every quarter are agile, customizable, and quick to conduct.

Do your employees only receive feedback from direct supervisors?
The feedback should not lead back to only one assessing person. Whether it is an assessed employee:in, or an assessed manager, 360-degree feedback avoids subjective feedback by providing different perspectives from different people.

Did you set the right focus in your survey objectives?
Basing employee surveys solely on an analysis of strengths and weaknesses is not a good starting point. The personal development of your own employees is much more decisive. Based on the 360-degree feedback, jointly design a personal development plan.

How do you conduct the employee survey? Analog or digital?
Whether you're a tech-savvy company or not, the future of employee surveys is happening online. With helpful tools like LoopNow from Loopline Solutions, you can customize your 360-degree employee survey and make it completely automated, sending it out at regular intervals and reading and comparing the results. Progress is not an option with LoopNow, but a realistic goal.

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How does 360° feedback work?

If you would like to use 360° feedback in your company, you should first inform employees and managers about the new method.

1. Preparation:

Determine the group to be involved in the 360° feedback.

Create questionnaire & send to everyone involved at certain time intervals.

How? Where needed you can always request support from the Loopline Academy team.

2. Survey & evaluation of results

360° feedback with LoopNow is fully automated.

The feedback providers give their answers openly or anonymously.

Results and analyzes are showing up in the tool in real time.

3. Implementation & examination of results

Communicate the results to your staff and work out goals and optimization possibilities.

Keep an eye on the discussed goals and regularly check achievements (through further employee surveys via LoopNow).

How does LoopNow help?

The intelligent software for 360° feedback accompanies you with helpful templates when creating the questionnaire. The implementation, evaluation and analysis are fully automated.

360° feedback for the whole organization

Continuous development, from all perspectives

  • Take development into your own hands

  • Separation of feedback and evaluation possible

  • Basis for tailor-made training courses and personal development

  • One tool, many possible use cases...

Set up in minutes, customizable to your needs

  • Questions fully customizable
  • Best practice templates
  • Easy selection of top-down, upward, peer, team and project feedback components
  • Who should see the answers? You decide.
  • Automated matching of self-perception and peer perception


Intuitive response, easy as pie

  • Reply mobile or on PC, no app download needed
  • Anonymity assured
  • Easy to answer
  • Mobile optimized, available everywhere

Advantages for your employees

If you apply 360-degree feedback as a strengths and weaknesses analysis, your own employees will benefit and thank you for it. In turn, your company can successfully pursue strategic goals and grow thanks to honest feedback.

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Helpful tips for employees

Personal development

High acceptance

Intrinsic motivation

360° feedback with LoopNow

Our 360° assessment is ideal for increasing employee satisfaction. It can be supplemented by further practical survey options that help to implement the short-term and long-term goals deriving from other employee surveys.

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