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End of Year: Time for Feedback!



Believe it or not, we have almost reached end of 2022. Which directly translates into the need for end of year feedback sessions! Given the assumption that we are looking at a constructive and participative process, end-of-year feedback can help employees understand their strengths and areas for improvement, and provide them with the support and resources they need to grow and develop in their roles. It can also help employees feel more connected to the organization and motivated to contribute to its success.

On the organizational level, end-of-year feedback can help identify and address any areas of weakness or inefficiency, thus enabling problem-solving. It can also help ensure that employees are aligned with the organization's goals and values, and help retain top talent.


How to: End-of-Year Feedback

Effektive Jahresendgespräche sollten strukturiert, gründlich und fair sein. Hier sind einige Ansätze, die Erfolg versprechen:

  1. Clearly communicate the purpose and process of the feedback. Make sure all employees understand the goals of the feedback process and how it will be conducted.
  2. For the preparation of 1:1 sessions it can be very helpful to share a template ahead of time, so there is common ground for the scope of the meeting.
  3. Encourage open and honest communication. This can be done through one-on-one meetings, anonymous surveys, or other methods.
  4. Use a variety of methods to gather feedback. In addition to traditional performance evaluations, consider using 360-degree feedback, which allows employees to receive feedback from their peers and managers and has everyone conduct a self-assessment.
  5. Focus on specific, actionable feedback. Instead of simply stating that an employee needs to improve in a certain area, provide specific examples and suggest ways for the employee to improve.
  6. Follow-Ups are key! After the end-of-year feedback process, it's important to follow up with employees to ensure that they have received the support and resources they need to improve in the areas identified. This could include additional training, support from a mentor, or other resources.


We conclude

End-of-year feedback processes are a crucial part of any organization's employee development and evaluation cycle. They provide an opportunity for employees to reflect on their performance over the past year and for managers to offer feedback and support for future growth and development. Und wir sehen das Ganze natürlich auch nicht zu eng: Jahresendgespräche können auch im Januar stattfinden und so den Start in das erste Quartal einläuten!


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