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Agile leadership

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What is the goal of the training?

The introduction of an agile leadership tool influences the togetherness, the culture of an organization. Experience shows that cultural change cannot be dictated from above. It is recommended to get all employees "on board". This involves mobilizing the energies of many and networking their skills and abilities. This is best achieved in the context of a moderated large group event, which our experienced trainers will be happy to design and conduct for you.

Methodology and process

  • There are various tried and tested models for large group events (e.g. Future Conference, Open Space or World Café).
  • We advise you on which approach best suits your company.
  • During the events, energies of many are mobilized. By networking skills and knowledge, synergy effects can be achieved.
  • The moderators methodically accompany, support and promote the process.

Number of participants

10 participants per training are ideal.

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We can conduct our trainings anywhere. The only requirement is that a suitable seminar infrastructure is available. 


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Our trainers are certified and have the methodological tools for designing trainings and workshops. Several years of experience in the successful facilitation of team and group processes is a basic requirement for all our trainers. We evaluate all trainings with participant feedback.



  • Trainer with many years of experience
  • Always up to date and practical
  • Content tailored to your needs


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