Lea-Sophie Cramer

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Feedback is essential because change processes can only work if you take employees along the way."

Lea-Sophie Cramer
CEO, Amorelie

We talked to decision makers and role models about feedback. The short interviews are published here. Employee feedback is more than just an HR topic!


Why is feedback important?

You can't grow without feedback. Feedback contributes to self-reflection and promotes emotional intelligence – two aspects that are becoming increasingly important for decades to come. Getting to know and reflecting on yourself in order to be able to work on yourself: Machines can't do that.

What was your worst feedback?

In my first years of work, I often got feedback that I was too "pushy." That made me think a lot and initially unsettled until at some point I learned that this is actually my strength. I am ambitious and ambitious. I fight for what I believe in and make sure things develop with the right priority or intensity. So I like to be"pushy."


Why is feedback important in change processes?

Feedback is very important to me, especially in change processes. In such situations, you need sensitivity in order to be able to read the pulse of the company correctly and to understand where the team really stands. Feedback is essential because change processes can only work If you take employees along the way.


Nora Heer, CEO & Founder, Loopline Systems



Lea-Sophie Cramer,
CEO, Amorelie