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Crucial question: Anonymous or open feedback?

The topic of anonymity in surveys is experienced differently from company to company. While open feedback is desirable in some cultures, other organizations are only just introducing regular feedback. In these cases, experience has shown that employees have a greater need to remain protected by anonymity when giving feedback.

With a view to the various functionalities in LoopNow, it is generally more common in pulse surveys for participants to answer the questions anonymously. However, the results can be evaluated at department, team or location level.

For personal feedback, it is helpful in the conception to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of anonymous assessments. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself at the center of an evaluation, and when the feedback is given openly, it allows the person to ask questions to better understand the feedback. On the other hand, there is the widespread belief that feedback to managers should be given anonymously so that team members dare to bring up areas for development.

Manage global account settings

If you want to evaluate the results of a survey at department, location or project level, for example, you can do this by assigning user characteristics in LoopNow. These are imported into LoopNow together with other user data such as e-mail addresses. After the survey, the results can then be evaluated for each user group on the heat map or the profile of the respective group.

As an admin, you can set how many replies are needed for results to be displayed in LoopNow in the global account settings. 3-5 answers are usual. Accordingly, it is advisable to define the user groups sufficiently broadly.

Example: If there are only three of you in the HR department, it may make sense to merge your team in LoopNow with the finance department, for example, so that the anonymity of the employees is preserved.

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