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Ensure anonymity

Key question: anonymous or open feedback?


The issue of anonymity in surveys varies from company to company. Some companies prefer open feedback, while others introduce regular feedback first. In such cases, employees often prefer to remain anonymous when providing feedback.

In pulse surveys conducted using LoopNow, it is generally more common for participants to respond anonymously to the questions. However, results are analyzed at the department, team, or site level.

For person-based feedback, it's helpful to consider the pros and cons of anonymous assessments in the survey design. While it takes courage to subject oneself to an assessment, open feedback allows the person to ask questions to better understand the feedback. On the other hand, there is a common belief that feedback to managers should be given anonymously so that team members can raise areas for development without fear of repercussions.

In any case, employees can see whether they will remain anonymous while answering the surveys.


Manage global account setting


If you want to evaluate survey results at the department, location, or project level, you can assign user attributes in LoopNow. These attributes are imported into LoopNow along with other user data, such as email addresses. After the survey, you can evaluate the results per user group on the heatmap or the profile of the respective group.

As an administrator, you can define in the global account settings how many responses are required for results to be displayed in LoopNow. Typically, 3-5 responses are required. Therefore, it is recommended to define user groups broadly enough to ensure that enough responses are received.

For example, if there are only three people in the HR department, it may make sense to combine their team with the finance department in LoopNow so that the anonymity of the employees is preserved.

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