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Upward Feedback


Leading by asking.

LoopNow allows managers or HR to gather frequent feedback from employees about their managers. Automated short surveys provide quick reactions to negative trends and ensure effective collaboration.

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Intuitive to respond, foolproof to use

Employees respond to surveys via mobile or desktop at any time and without the need to download an app. Answering works via scales and is done intuitively and on the fly. Optional free text responses can provide additional qualitative feedback.

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Upward Feedback Example

Survey content, survey rhythm and whether the respondents remain anonymous or not can be defined with just a few clicks in LoopNow. Comprehensive templates save valuable setup time when preparing an Upward Feedback.

An example might be, "Do I have enough time with my manager?". Having this question answered once per month allows for true insights and quick reactions. 

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Inspiration for continuous Upward Feedback in your company

Arguably one of the biggest influencers in the field of Upward Feedback is Google. Following the principle of "Let's make work better," the company regularly updates its dedicated re:work page with internal best practice reports, research, and ideas on the topic.

The bottom line of why we bring this up: Google does exactly what you can easily implement yourself with LoopNow. At regular intervals throughout the year, managers request feedback about themselves from a minimum number of team members, allowing them to develop their skills as a team. For more employee satisfaction and mutual trust.

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From operational support to competency analysis

Individual feedback profiles allow each manager to view feedback independently from HR and in real-time. This decreases the time needed for follow-ups significantly. Where desired, moderation by the HR department is of course still possible, but not necessary.

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How Leadership Benefits

Managers can stay in full control and uncover blindspots in their leadership behaviour, thus increase leadership quality. Follow the lead of Google's Management and reap the benefits of regular upward feedback in your organization.

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