Software for feedback meetings

Loopline is the tool for better feedback meetings, performance reviews and employee development.

Conduct productive feedback meetings

Our tool will guide you and your staff through the process leading up to the feedback meeting. This ensures that the feedback adds value - and leads to measurable improvements.

Keep concrete examples for your next feedback meeting

You know the situation: before the next feedback session starts, you think frantically about what the employee has done well or what could be improved. Our integrated notebook allows you to keep all performance-related information in one place. Make your feedback more relevant by giving your employees detailed feedback on their successes and areas of improvement.

Ask for 360° feedback for your teams

Just two quick clicks and you can request feedback about your employees from colleagues or other managers - additional data points that help in preparing the feedback conversation.

Keep track of whether your employees are still satisfied

Performance and satisfaction go hand in hand. Loopline keeps track of both by asking your employees how happy they are with their work. This insight allows you to tackle the issues before they drive your staff away.

Develop your employees by following existing competence models

Competence models make companies’ needs transparent and provide a framework for your employees’ development. Integrate them into your feedback process with our template editor and identify the skills you would like them to improve.

Decide together on personal development steps

Even the best feedback is useless, if it doesn't lead to concrete actions. Loopline helps you define development steps and keep track of their progress.

Agree on goals with your employees

Starting from your corporate goals, you can define mutual objectives and monitor how your employees can reach them. During the feedback meeting, you can use this information to talk about past achievements and to determine new goals.

Observe long-term trends across your company

The combined performance and satisfaction data allows you to see the bigger picture and detect warning signals if they occur.

Improve your feedback meetings

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