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Luxury Cruise Industry

TUI Cruises: A premium class company


TUI Cruises’ vision is to be the market leader for premium cruises. The company has around 450 employees that work in Hamburg and Berlin.

TUI Cruises’ corporate culture is unique: not only are all ships agile and maneuverable but also the entire corporate culture is dynamic and flexible. TUI Cruises is always courageous in order to remain innovative – see, for example, Full Metal Cruise. TUI Cruises aims for premium not only towards customers but also towards its employees which makes the company special.


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„What I particularly liked about the trainers is that they quickly get to understand the company. Communication was fast and easy. “

Elen Maluche
Head of HR Strategy & Development at TUI Cruises

Further development through feedback


TUI Cruises has celebrated many successes in the past, but as a company it does not want to lose ground. That's why TUI Cruises thinks about topics before critical moments arise - and that's best done with mutual feedback. In order to continue celebrating major successes, the company intends to continuously develop itself. 

Five years ago, TUI Cruises introduced the following corporate values:

  • trust
  • innovation
  • professionalism

The logical consequence for TUI Cruises was that these values are now also integrated in the feedback process and can be used in practice. The company not only wants to evaluate "what", e.g. performance, but also "how".

"We use feedback to continuously develop ourselves," says Elen Maluche, Head of HR Strategy & Development. 

As a successful company, TUI Cruises’ employees initially found it difficult to give critical feedback. There was a strong tendency towards positive feedback instead. In the training sessions, the team learned that critical feedback - constructively formulated - is also a form of appreciation and it significantly contributes to further development.

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„The expertise of Loopline Systems is state-of-the-art. They are 'feedback rebels' and tackle HR topics in a modern way with a lot of passion.

Elen Maluche
Head of HR Strategy & Development at TUI Cruises

Individual feedback trainings


It was crucial for TUI Cruises that trainings provided by Loopline Systems were individually tailored to the needs of the organisation.

Initially, five full-day management training sessions were conducted by Loopline Systems’ HR experts, who covered the feedback subject. Based on the knowledge gained from the sessions, TUI Cruises managed to independently conduct the rest of the trainings to further 300 employees. The main focus of the management training sessions was on "Giving and receiving feedback": What is good feedback, and what role does the manager play in it?

Participation was mandatory for managers but not for team members. TUI Cruises wanted to check how big the employees' interest in this topic was, surprisingly: almost all employees attended.

TUI Cruises has decided to start with feedback trainings to define how managers and employees would give each other feedback before introducing a feedback software. "I was really impressed by the broad HR know-how of the trainers. They are not only focused on one topic but also have a broad range of HR expertise and their knowledge is up-to-date," explains Elen Maluche.

The training sessions were very well received by both experienced and young managers. The managers learned how important it is to give and receive feedback.

“I really loved working with the trainers from Loopline Systems and I would recommend them to anyone,” says Elen Maluche.


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