Advantages of 360 degree feedback

Tue, 10. October 2017

It is most known that employees receive direct feedback from their employers. This is called 1-1 feedback. The 360 degree feedback is a great way to obtain a more detailed feedback analysis. Nowadays it is important for staff development and employee selection. This method leaves space for assessments from other people besides the supervisor. Opinions from colleagues, team members and customers (image of the other) play an important role. Self-assessment can’t be missing either (self-perception).


A 360 degree feedback should not be there to check on the performance of employees. The focus should be on finding out the strengths and weaknesses of each employee and to eventually push hidden skills. It is also important in order to prevent an unrealistic and distorted self-perception. This method leaves space to compare the self-perception and the image of the other. A person receives anonymous assessments of others within the company. This is due to the all-around reflection.


We have 4 reasons for you why you should consider 360 degree feedback:


1. Detailed assessment


Having different opinions and assessments from various people is an advantage of this all-around reflection. A typical employee assessment (90 degree feedback) is usually between a supervisor and an employee. The supervisor usually doesn’t know all strengths and weaknesses of all employees. Other employees and customers are usually more aware of it. The 360 degree feedback makes it possible to get to know the employees better and to focus on the skills of each one.


2. You find out how other people see you


This is a great opportunity to find out if other colleagues have the same perception of you as you do. If you don’t take everything too personal, you will be able to develop yourself and filter your strengths. On the other hand you have the opportunity to give feedback to other colleagues. You don’t have this opportunity very often or feedback is not really honest, if it is not anonymous.


3. Better teamwork


If every employee gives honest feedback to his/her colleagues, it should be possible to find out the weaknesses and strengths of each employee and build teams due to this. The productivity of teamwork could increase as well as the satisfaction within a team.


4. The more feedback the merrier


A big problem within companies is the missing feedback. Most employers usually focus on different things. They forget the importance of continuous feedback. It is important for employees to receive honest feedback to develop theirself. The 360 degree feedback is a good solution in order to work more productive and that everyone works on the same goal.




Author: Laura Tüttelmann

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