Most important facts about employee satisfaction

Fri, 23. June 2017

We wanted to find out how satisfied employees are within a company. Therefore we conducted a survey with 5 different office topics and summed up the most important results for you.



1. Praise


The first topic we asked about was ‘Praise’. And everyone in our survey rated its importance with 4 or 5 stars. You should praise your employees in order to spark creativity, improve productivity, foster engagement and increase their retention.


2. Satisfaction 


We also wanted to find out how happy employees are with their current task. Just 14% of the participants stated that they are totally pleased with their job. Thereby, satisfaction within your job is vital for motivation and efficiency. A positive attitude might also influence potential applicants as well as customers.


3. Feedback 


Feedback is the basic requirement for a constructive communication process, while 100% of the respondents revealed that constructive feedback motivates them. However, how can feedbacks be effective? 47% of the respondents wish to have honest feedback, which could help them further their career.


4. Development


Especially for the younger generation of employees, professional development is one of the key factors in determining the satisfaction with their current position. However, two-third of respondents don’t feel like their boss fosters their development sufficiently, which might affect the growth of company.


5. Boss 


Now it is getting interesting. We wanted to know how employees view their boss. 43% of the employees feel like their boss treats them on an equal footing. Some even feel like their bosses’ slaves. But how can a boss develope a comfortable environment to his or her employees? Staff training, participating in important projects or pay raise help to support the development of the employees and lead to a better acceptance of the boss.

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Author: Janice Chan

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