Arkadi Jampolski

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Feedback helps to learn what the recipients of the work really like."

Arkdadi Jampolski
CEO, Wunderflats

We talked to decision makers and role models about feedback. The short interviews are published here. Employee feedback is more than just an HR topic! 


Why is feedback important?

Everyone has a different perspective, a different perception. The success of a project depends on whether I achieve the intended effect on the recipient of the work. In order to experience that, I have to keep learning how other people perceive things, what they find appealing and bad. That goes for product development, sales and just a small meeting log. Feedback helps to learn what the recipients of the work really like.

What was your worst feedback?

In seventh grade, I did a lot of big Excel spreadsheets in my student internship. The tables were great. Unfortunately, they had dozens of careless mistakes because I was very motivated and very fast. The feedback after a week's internship was that I was a smart guy, but if I did not work on the careless mistakes I would not become successful. After that, I always did my work in such a way that I knew when a task was really finished and error-free. 


How important is feedback in change processes?

I always have to know what the recipient of my work thinks about my work. When the work processes are changed to affect the outcome and the recipient of the work gives no feedback to the colleague, the benefits of the change are left to chance. 

For example, marketing switches one channel for another, the number of leads for sales remains the same, but quality drops. Every change needs to be followed by feedback, otherwise you're counting on chance. 



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Arkadi Jampolski, CEO, Wunderflats