Constanze Buchheim

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For me, feedback is the most important thing in every change process. "

Constanze Buchheim
CEO, I-Potentials

We talked to decision makers and role models about feedback. The short interviews are published here. Employee feedback is more than just an HR topic! 


Why is feedback important?

Feedback is important because it lets us grow, whether as an entrepreneur, as a leader or as a team. If you really want to get better every day, you need to be get feedback in order to be able to act in a reflective and responsible manner.


What was your worst feedback?

For me, feedback is bad only when there is no feedback at all. Basically, you can learn from any feedback and improve.


How important is feedback in change processes?

For me, feedback is the most important thing in every change process. First of all, you can determine where is a need for change in the company and why. And only if you allow and receive feedback, you are able to make the process successful and deal with the uncertainty caused by change.



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Constanze Buchheim, CEO, I-Potentials