Miriam Wohlfarth

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With honest feedback, you can learn a lot."

Miriam Wohlfarth
Founder & Managing Director, RatePAY

We talked to decision makers and role models about feedback. The short interviews are published here. Employee feedback is more than just an HR topic!

Why is feedback important?

With honest feedback you can learn a lot. Also, it gives you the possibility for self-reflection.

What was your worst feedback?

I cannot remember any bad feedback. In general, I find destructive feedback unfair and not effective.

Why is feedback important in change processes?

Feedback is very important, especially for successful change processes. You should be completely open to it. Only under this condition further development is possible and any standstill is prevented.


Nora Heer, Founder, Loopline Systems



Miriam Wohlfarth, Founder & Managing Director, RatePAY