Paul Schwarzenholz

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You can only improve with continuous feedback."

Paul Schwarzenholz
Co-Founder & Managing Director, zenloop GmbH

We talked to decision makers and role models about feedback. The short interviews are published here. Employee feedback is more than just an HR topic! 


Why is feedback important?

Only with continuous feedback you can look at the actual status of the team, uncover what needs to improve and to identify important parameters. 

What was your worst feedback?

Feedback is unsatisfactory when it is unproductive and offers no room for solutions. Only with constructive criticism you can initiate and implement improvements.  


How important is feedback in change processes?

Feedback is the basis for change within an organization and it is extremely important because only with feedback you can initiate, document and control change processes.



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Paul Schwarzenholz, Co-Founder & Managing Director, zenloop GmbH