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Start a test with LoopNow

If you want to test LoopNow with a manageable group of colleagues, as an administrator you can add them manually. For this you need the e-mail address, first and last names. You can also assign other user attributes (further information below) and, if necessary, assign administrator rights.

Note: Users are not automatically notified that they have been added to the system. You will only receive an e-mail when the first survey has been sent and will be asked once to enter a password when you log in for the first time.

->> Add users manually now

Add everyone in your company

To add all colleagues to LoopNow, you can start a CSV import or connect LoopNow to your master data system via an interface. Integration with Personio or HRlab is currently possible. In the "Organization settings" area you can start the configuration or upload a CSV file.

Even with automatic import, users are not notified that their data has been added to LoopNow. You can therefore prepare the upload of the user data before sending the first survey.

->> Start integration or CSV import

->> Template CSV file

Note: The naming of the user properties in LoopNow and the CSV file or your master data system must be identical for the transfer. Please also note upper and lower case letters.

Use user attributes to filter results

If you want to evaluate the results of a survey at department, location or project level, for example, you can do this by assigning user characteristics in LoopNow. User characteristics can be defined by you to suit your company and imported into LoopNow together with the other user data such as e-mail address, first and last name. After the survey, the results can then be evaluated per characteristic on the heat map or the profile of the respective group.

Tip: The information "direct manager" is usually required for the implementation of personal feedback (e.g. top-down or bottom-up). Experience has shown that characteristics such as department, team or location are more relevant for the evaluation of pulse surveys.

->> Create user attributes


Announce the introduction of LoopNow

Introduce LoopNow successfully by providing proactive and transparent information about the new tool.

->> Template invitation pulse survey