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Book rooms & seats

Convenient workstation booking 

Whether you're on the go, at home, or already in the office, booking a workstation for the upcoming days is just a few clicks away. With SpaceLoop's dynamic booking system, all users can see in real-time which meeting rooms or workstations are still available for booking. This ensures reliable planning and also shows available space in case bookings are cancelled, without the need for complicated arrangements in the hallway or messaging apps.

To make a booking, navigate to "Book" in the main menu via the calendar icon, select the desired location, and choose the type of space you want to book - a desk, meeting room, or something else.

SC4 Buchen 1 Desktop


Next, enter the exact time period for which you want to book a desk or meeting room, and select the desired floor. The next step will open a floor plan showing all available and unbooked spaces. Simply select the desired seat by clicking on its icon, which will display not only the name of the seat but also its equipment. Finally, confirm your booking.

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