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Invite your colleagues easily with just a few clicks.

Invite users

Once you have set up all the workstations and meeting rooms, you can invite your colleagues to SpaceLoop so they can make their own bookings. Adding users is simple, either manually or through CSV import or integration.


Manual invitation

To add users to your account, simply click on the house icon in the left menu bar and select "User Management". You will need to provide their first and last name, as well as their email address. It's important to note that users will not be notified automatically upon being added.

User Management Basic information one user


You can easily invite users to join your SpaceLoop account by clicking on the "Invite to SpaceLoop" button after saving their information. An email will be sent to their registered address with a link to set up their account.

User with attributes and single invite Button

->> Create new users now 


CSV import or integration


To streamline the process of adding colleagues to SpaceLoop, you can initiate a CSV import or integrate LoopNow with your master data system through an interface. At present, integration with Personio or HRlab is available. In the "Organization Settings" section, you can begin the configuration process or upload a CSV file for automatic import.

Even if user data is automatically imported into LoopNow, they will not receive a notification about it.

->> Start integration or CSV import

->> Template CSV file

Note: To ensure successful transfer of user characteristics from LoopNow to the CSV file or your master data system, the naming of user characteristics must be identical in both. Please also ensure consistency of upper and lower case.


Invite all at once

Depending on the number of new colleagues, it may be more efficient to invite them all at once. To do this, go to the top of the user management page and select "Send invitations for SpaceLoop".

Send SpaceLoopInvitation all at once


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