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Change management support


Successfully supporting change


Identify areas of uncertainty


Identify the most important information deficits / employee insecurities


Address your open flanks

  • Create heatmap of all stakeholders
  • Strategically address core emplyoees
Loopline Systems Software Mitarbeiter Feedback Change Begleitung


Advantages of LoopNow

Anonymity and mobile optimization

Transparent and anonymous surveys answered from anywhere - with just one tap on your smartphone.

Real time analysis, fully automated

LoopNow offers dashboards with flexible options to analyze results, including automated sending of reminders as well as exports.

Multi-language support

We support content in over 30 languages.

GDPR compliant

LoopNow fully satisfies the strict EU norms for data security.

Loopline Systems Software Mitarbeiter Feedback Change Begleitung Kontrolle


Check in regularly

  • Monitor results with repeated surveys
  • Measure success of actions with continuous surveys
  • Optional: Regular pulse checks
    • Compact surveys to indentify negative trends
    • Quick reactions to avoid escalation of problems

Direct ROI

  • Reduce uncertainty
  • Show perspectives
  • Communicate goals
  • Enable key drivers of change success
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loopline systems logos loopline loopnow produkt

Unleash the full potential of all employees and drive your business forward.


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