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The pandemic has turned traditional work settings inside out and made working from home the standard. This inevitably resulted in much less personal interaction, which makes it much more difficult to develop a "gut feeling" for employees' well-being.

However, hybrid work structures demand exactly that: having a grip on the overall level of motivation and constantly developing improvements for potential shortcomings. More important than ever? Having the right tools at hand. Try LoopNow free of charge for 14 days or contact us for a product demo.


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What defines hybrid work?

By definition, it's a work model that gives employees the flexibility to work from anywhere and more aligned with their personal life. More specifically, we're talking about a combination of remote work - working from home, abroad, or from a coffee shop - and working from the office. A classic new work week could be broken down to one or two days of team meetings in the office, which allows for lunches or coffee breaks, and three to four days of remote work.

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Why hybrid work?

The advantages are pretty obvious: employees can organize their week more flexibly and align professional with personal plans. This results in higher productivity and motivation, which has been proven by various studies. In addition, office days are perceived more positively and the exchange between colleagues is valued more. In short: there's really no turning back from this.


Loopline Systems Software Mitarbeiterfeedback Home Office

Challenges of hybrid work structures

Of course, hybrid work also comes with certain challenges. Team coordination becomes more difficult, quick brainstorming sessions in the corridor fall through the cracks, and the sense of belonging towards the company may diminish. This makes it all the more important to proactively establish the necessary structures and digital measures.

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Advantages of LoopNow

Retain top talents

Higher employee engagement provides greater satisfaction, reduces turnover and attracts new talent.

Increase productivity

Motivated employees are less likely to be absent, resulting in higher productivity and ROI.

Maximize innovation

Develop your talents, unleash their full potential and ensure a vibrant culture of innovation.

Develop flexibly

Give your employees the opportunity to take their career development into their own hands.

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Optimize team coordination

LoopNow provides you with a platform that enables continuous feedback for teams and makes it bulletproof. Even remotely, you benefit from regular mood checks, giving you the ability to respond to potential shortcomings quickly. Surveys are set up with only a few clicks thanks to best practice questionnaires and full automation. Finally, an intuitive, mobile-optimized use ensures a high participation rate.

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Managing goals flexibly

What home office and OKR management have in common? Dynamic and agile collaboration across all hierarchical levels. That's why LoopNow also offers a flexible OKR platform, which coordinates and prioritizes goals and makes them measurable. Tasks are distributed transparently to avoid overloading individuals and clearly assign responsibilities.

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Our experts will be happy to run a status quo analysis with and for you and identify possible optimization potential. With or without LoopNow as the tool of your choice.

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