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Hybrid and remote work


Leadership in hybrid and remote work settings

  • Less personal interaction makes it harder to develop a “gut feeling” for your team members’ situation.
  • Coordination within and between teams requires new, digital tools
  • Keeping an eye on your team’s culture and needs and solutions for continuous improvements become more important than ever


Optimize your team’s communication and coordination

  • Continuous feedback for teams - implemented in minutes and fully automated.
  • Easy, mobile optimized answers
  • Best practice question templates for remote and hybrid work settings included
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Agile goal management

OKR platform for teams

  • Easily define objectives - for teams, individuals or the whole organisation

  • Keep track of progress with our intuitive “progress card” technology

  • Full flexibility in defining visibility, intuitive user interface

Loopline Systems Software Mitarbeiterfeedback Home Office


Advantages of LoopNow

Multi-language support

We support content in over 30 languages.

Real time analysis, fully automated

LoopNow offers dashboards with flexible options to analyze results, including automated sending of reminders as well as exports.


GDPR compliant

LoopNow fully satisfies the strict EU norms for data security

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loopline systems logos loopline loopnow produkt

Unleash the full potential of all employees and drive your business forward.

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