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Peer Feedback


Strengthen your feedback culture with peer feedback

With peer to peer feedback, assessments are not carried out by the manager anymore. Instead, employees receive direct feedback from team or project members. Peer feedback is thus detached from classic evaluation processes. One objective: increase mutual appreciation in the team.

Peer Feedback by Definition

Peer feedback works best if combined with appraisal interviews as a method of (self-managed) development. Often, HR sets the larger framework for peer to peer feedback processes and can offer suggestions for improvement and training. Employees then decide for themselves when they want to provide feedback, from whom they want to obtain feedback, and how they want to develop.

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LoopNow allows sending appraisals or feedback to colleagues at any time. This relieves managers, while the feedback frequency increases. Examples of suitable questions in peer-to-peer feedback:

  • xy always considers the satisfaction of our customers.
  • xy feels responsible for the team's results.
  • xy is curious and thinks outside the box.

Every answer should be backed with specific examples and point out strengths as well as development potential.

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DIRECT FEEDBACK FOR enhanced communication

Strengthen constructive collaboration

Employees can proactively give and request feedback

Use best practice questionnaires for an easy kick-off

Automated feedback enhances a feedback culture

Feedback becomes everyday practice

Best Practice Advice

For an easy kick-off even a single question can do a lot for your feedback culture. 

  • Here's what I particularly liked about our collaboration last month:

The reasoning being that appreciation is an important part of feedback, perhaps even the most valuable one. Leave your contact details below, book a webdemo or get a first feeling for LoopNow by trying for yourself! 

Loopline Systems Software Feedback Mitarbeiter Peer Feedback

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