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Top Down Feedback


From employee development to competency analysis

Introduce frequent feedback with LoopNow and benefit from high automation and intuitive usability. This enables continuous development across all departments and hierarchies. Of course, we promise full customizability of questions, cadence and anonymity.

Test our online feedback tool now for 14 days free of charge and without any obligation. To optimize internal collaboration and employee satisfaction.


Targeted employee development

Competency models create a necessary clarity about requirements and offer a target for employee development. At the same time, competency models are as individual as your company. With our customizable form editor, you can create competency dimensions and forms that are tailored to your company and thus identify the competencies of your employees you should develop with priority.

Best practices already on board: LoopNow supports you with helpful templates and examples. So you can include top down performance management and competency analysis for employee development.

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Responding is intuitive and easy

Answer surveys via desktop or mobile

Shape competencies

Use best practice templates

Benefit from intuitive use


Keep track of concrete examples for your next feedback meeting


You probably know the situation - your feedback meeting with a team member is coming up, and you try to remember everything that went well and less than ideal all at once.

We at Loopline Systems are convinced: A great feedback meeting needs solid preparation from both managers and team members. That’s why Loopline offers an integrated digital notebook. It’s designed to help you keep track of great meetings, room for improvement in presentations and other feedback worthy points. For both your team member’s as well as your own performance!

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Analyze long-term trends in employee development

Our cloud feedback solution LoopNow combines performance with satisfaction data to show specific trends and developments for teams and individuals. That way you get early warning signals and can intervene if necessary.

Our digital employee feedback solution shows you how great performance and employee satisfaction are intertwined.


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