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About Allfoye Management Consulting


The Allfoye Management Consultancy supports mid-sized companies to sustain and strengthen their competitiveness in the digital era. The headquarter is located in Düsseldorf. There are other locations in Berlin and Munich.

The daily work of Allfoye's employees is characterized by customer projects. This always entails new team constellations and working at different, often changing locations. Allfoye's company culture is characterized by a high level of trust, personal responsibility, transparency and honesty. It gives its employees a lot of freedom and personal responsibility, especially when it comes to employee development. One example is the clear division between leadership and the role of the coach or mentor.



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A big advantage of loopline is that people can collect feedback continuously. This is extremely helpful because it brings objectivity into feedback meetings and evaluates performance in a meaningful way"

Marco Schmitz
HR at Allfoye

Transparency as a base for good feedback discussions


At Allfoye, a significant part of structured employee development takes place in a mentor-mentee program. Employee development and the open exchange of ideas are therefore the most important issues and should not be mixed up with goal discussions and salary negotiations.

Structured and regular feedback meetings have always been an important part of Allfoye's employee development system. However, gathering feedback was individually organized until the introduction of Loopline. Employees and their mentors are now able to access documentation and notes on the past feedback period during feedback meetings.




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„Loopline’s user interface is designed very intuitively. We do not have to worry at all whether colleagues find it too difficult."

Marco Schmitz
HR at Allfoye

Focus on personal development


At Allfoye, all employees can advance their personal development goals with loopline: thanks to the mentoring program, regular feedback meetings take place. Loopline supports this approach with a clear feedback process because mentees can set goals and development steps together with their mentors.

This ensures that feedback meetings take place after a certain period and development is evaluated. The mentor-mentee pairs can independently decide how long a period should be. At Allfoye, that can range from two months to a year; it depends on the goals of each employee.

“With loopline, we focus on the personal development of all employees. Now, employees can handle their own responsibility,”- explains Marco Schmitz.


Loopline’s user interface is designed very intuitively. We do not have to worry at all whether colleagues find it too difficult. says Marco Schmitz.

360 degree feedback and direct feedback from employee to employee are especially popular amongst the employees at Allfoye. These features were used intensively to communicate appreciation among each other. It can be about both the little (“Thanks for emptying the dishwasher!”) and the big things (“Great customer presentation today!”).

The customer success team at Loopline Systems accompanied Allfoye from the beginning to ensure that the implementation of the tool ran smoothly.

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If any questions appear, I know that I can always contact Loopline Systems and they will help me as quickly as possible. I am truly satisfied with the collaboration."

Marco Schmitz
HR at Allfoye

Loopline increases employee satisfaction and retention


With the use of loopline, Allfoye wants to improve employee satisfaction and retention as well as performance. Improvement in efficiency through the time saved for the preparation and wrap up of these meetings is a great side effect.

I am so proud of what I have achieved with Loopline: it helped our company and employees,” says Marco Schmitz.


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