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Use Cases in LoopNow

With LoopNow, administrators can create pulse surveys, people surveys, or team surveys in just a few steps. In the survey settings, you can define who will be surveyed on which topics, which groups can view the results, when the survey starts or ends, and whether to send reminders to participants.

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Pulse Check

Regular pulse surveys help you stay attuned to the needs of your organization and respond quickly to any requirements. Use these surveys to identify areas in your company that can be optimized. By gathering feedback from employees at regular intervals, you can proactively address any issues that may arise and improve overall satisfaction and productivity.


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360° Feedback

With 360-degree feedback, employees can receive feedback not only from their managers, but also from colleagues, project partners, and team members. This approach allows for constructive feedback from multiple perspectives, which can help employees to identify areas for improvement and capitalize on their strengths.


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Bottom-Up Feedback

LoopNow allows managers or HR to gather regular feedback from employees about their managers. Automated short surveys allow quick response to negative trends and ensure good collaboration.



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Top-Down Feedback

With top-down feedback, managers can provide assessments of their respective team members, providing an optimal basis for feedback discussions.



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Team & Projekt Feedback

Working in hybrid settings can present teams with new challenges. However, our best-practice question templates can help you get started right away and improve collaboration.



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Direct Feedback

Use the Direct Feedback feature to revive the feedback culture in your company. Many people feel valued when they receive written praise or suggestions. Encourage your colleagues to give feedback to each other more often by introducing this function to all employees in the company. If needed, the feedback tips available on the input screen in LoopNow can provide guidance on how to structure or phrase hints effectively.



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